Joe Gibbons, SAM Trail Worker of the Year
Published on Thursday, April 17, 2014 in Awards, News & Updates
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It’s been said that trail work is done by ghosts or the supernatural, maybe even by elves. No one ever sees them but the evidence is clear.

The trails are trimmed, the signs are hung, bridges are in perfect condition, the landowners even wave hello to strangers riding across their property.

Truly magic.

That’s how the majority of snowmobilers see it, but those who volunteer know better. We have evidence that the supernatural walk among us.

These are the people that attend SAM meetings, run club activities, work relentlessly at fundraisers to improve the trails and promote grass-roots snowmobiling.

They are leaders in our clubs, the decision makers, they possess a high level of organizational skills and are actually on the trails long before – and after – snow is on the ground. They aren’t riding, they are hard at work.

Everybody benefits from their unseen efforts. It’s time we expose one for all the world to see.

The Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts is proud to present the 2014 trail worker of the year award to Joe Gibbons of the Harvard Snowmobile Club.

Details From The Nomination Submission:

Joe Gibbons has been a member of Harvard Snowmobile Club for 10 years and is on the club’s board of directors, serving for more than 5 years.

Joe is integral in the club’s fundraising events and is very involved with the club, attending board of directors and club meetings regularly. He participates in almost every club activity and outing.

Joe Gibbons accepts the 2014 Trail Worker of the Year Award.

Joe Gibbons accepts the 2014 Trail Worker of the Year Award.

He is almost solely responsible for planning and organizing all of the club cookouts. Joe attends SAM meetings and represents the club to the public.

Joe is eager to tell anyone about the club and its activities. He is a walking advertisement for the Harvard Snowmobile Club.

The Harvard Club has 23 miles of trails and Joe happily puts all the signage up in the fall so the trails are ready when the first flakes fall. He maintains the signs during the season and updates them in the off season.

Joe regularly attends trail work outings and has had his hand on every bridge in town.

Joe works with the Harvard Conservation Commission, and helps maintain the trail system in town for everyone to enjoy. The trails are used, not only by snowmobilers, but by walkers, snowshoers, and cross country skiers.

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