Paul Trova Honored at SAM Annual Meeting (Dan Gould)
Published on Friday, April 11, 2014 in Awards, News & Updates
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When Paul Trova took the “oath of office” in 2004, I doubt he thought he would stay on as the vice president of the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts for ten long years, but he did.

Paul has always been one of the cooler characters on the executive committee, the guy that listened to all the facts, quietly processed it, and then came to a conclusion.

His suggestions and actions were always well paced and thought out. He is a very disciplined man.

Paul has always been a staunch proponent of SAM – The association of clubs, as a whole.

Matter of fact the only time I’ve seen him get really gnarly is when clubs had lost sight of the big picture – the Snowmobile ASSOCIATION of Massachusetts.

That says it all.

Paul has been a vital part of SAM for years. His work at the Snow Expo has been instrumental, far beyond what most can imagine. He played a big part in hosting the International Snowmobile Congress in Sturbridge, and the recent SAM engineered bridge project was his baby.

Paul has always been my go-to guy when it comes to proof-reading the magazine. His attention to detail and eagle-eye for typos amazed.

Paul Trova, SAM vice president

A few months ago Paul said that this would be his last year as VP. It wasn’t a complete surprise, he sent a few subtle signals last year that he might retire. Lasagna bribes no longer worked, it was for real.

We have a lot to thank Paul for, he has given us ten years of professional services and has been a vital part of the SAM leadership team.

We’ve made great advances over the past decade and I want to thank Paul for his important role in our progression.

It was an honor to present Paul the Presiden’t Award in recognition of his service.

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