Know Before You Go…Are the trails OPEN?
Published on Wednesday, January 3, 2018 in Education, Environment, Featured, General Announcements, Grooming and Trail Reports, News & Updates, Safety, Snowmobile Travel

Below is a message from the Conway Snowmobile Club to their members and a very important reminder to ALL SNOWMOBILER’S to confirm that trails are open before you take that ride.  Not all snow conditions across the state are equal and you need to check with the club in the area you are going to ride in before you go!  Never open gates and if following tracks be sure you are on a marked trail and not an illegal ride!

Conway Snowmobile Club – Trail Update

This is type of notice that I never thought we would have to send.  For many years Conway Snowmobile Club has been blessed with a loyal membership that has supported the club through good years and the not so good years, so now we are asking the membership for some help. It seems that people don’t understand that the trail system is CLOSED.  It should be obvious that if gates are still closed and fences are still up, then the trails are CLOSED.

A main corridor in Ashfield is now permanently shut down because people have made a choice to not be respectful of the landowner’s wishes and wait until the landowner determines that there is adequate snow cover on his property to allow riding.

In Massachusetts, we do not have a fixed date that the trails open or close.  This is due to the fact that our trail system is predominately located on privately owned land.  This partnership between SAM, the local clubs, and private landowners is the key to our trail system.  Without the local landowners, we do not have a trail system.  We honor their wishes because, not only is it the right and proper course of action, but because we are guests on their land.  The landowners do not receive any benefit from this arrangement.  The only benefit is to snowmobilers.

We all know that you are itching to ride, because WE are itching to ride.  WE have spent months during the off season, performing trail work and repairing grooming equipment so that you can have the best experience possible when the trail open.  WE have groomers and operators that can’t wait to get out and get to work.

All of this leaves us with only a few basic questions that need to be answered:

Q:  How do I know if the trails are open?
A:  We will announce the opening on social media, or you can contact one of the officers listed on our web site or message us on Facebook.

Q:  If I see tracks, then doesn’t that mean the trails are open?
A:  Not necessarily, tracks could be there from someone riding a closed trail.  Check with the club.

Q:  Who is responsible for knowing if the trail is open?
A:  The rider, no one else.  Not the club, not your buddy.  You are.  Know before you go.

While this message might seem unduly harsh, this is a serious issue that could lead to the closure of entire sections of trails across the state.  Everybody involved with snowmobiling understands that the season is short in Massachusetts, what we need people to understand is it will become non-existent without a trail system.

We also realize that the people that are receiving this email follow the rules; unfortunately we need to get the word out to you, so that you can help us to educate those that don’t follow the rules.  You might not be part of the problem, but it is imperative that you become part of the solution.

Think Snow!

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