New Snowmobile Club: Snow Riders of the Nashaway
Published on Sunday, February 12, 2017 in General Announcements, In The News, News & Updates
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SAM is proud to announce a new snowmobile club. The Snow Riders of the Nashaway were approved by the SAM Board of Directors and are now an officially recognized club of the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts. Welcome aboard!

The Snow Riders of the Nashaway are excited to be the newest group of snowmobile enthusiasts in the Nashua River areas of Lancaster, Clinton and Sterling.

Members are comprised of some truly dedicated, homegrown and hard-core mountain bike, dirt bike and snowmobile riders. Believe it or not they have been working on trails for a number of years and decided it was now time to truly formalize their efforts.

The goal of The Snow Riders of the Nashawayis to expand the trail system of SAM in the Northeast section of Worcester County and connect with nearby SAM club trails.

They are based in a very historic area and the trail networks needs attention. The Nashua River runs throughout the region and indeed it will be challenging to connect these trails.

One thing for sure, they are up to that task and share the passion and the excitement to work with all our recreation and conservation enthusiasts in the area, bringing together the benefit of being able to utilize the existing, as well as future, trail system during our precious and treasured winter season.

The club name is derived from the Algonquian Indian tribe which settled in the territory of what was known to be the northern half of Worcester County, mainly in Sterling and Lancaster and other towns near Mt. Wachusett.

The Club meets the last Tuesday of each month at 7PM, from September through March, at the Lancaster Community Center.

Snow Riders of the Nashaway

Nashawayofficers and committee chairs:

  • President: Susan Smiley
  • Vice President: Clayton Hanright
  • Treasurer: Regina Weeks
  • Secretary: Todd Washburn
  • Bylaw Committee Chair: Gina Lovoi
  • Trail/Grooming Committee Chair: Cliff McMullan
  • Functions Committee: Leo Cormier

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