Planning A Snowmobile Trip: What You Need To Go Sledding
Published on Thursday, February 9, 2017 in In The News, News & Updates, Snowmobile Travel
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Planning a snowmobile trip can be complicated, especially the first one of the season. Here’s what you need to go sledding, written by Iwana B. Riding (AKA Randy Toth).

“Guess what honey, it’s starting to snow,” I called out excitedly to my spouse. “Get up, get out of bed and get ready! I just filled the sleds with gas and oil. Let’s grab the old helmets and go for a ride.”
“Did you remember to put the state registration stickers on the sleds?” asked a sleepy voice.

“Not yet,” I answered. “I think they’re in the pile of stuff on the kitchen table. We can get them on our way out the door.” Let’s get going.
“What about the state registration paperwork you’re supposed to carry with you?”

“They must be with the state registration stickers on the kitchen table.” (I hope.) “Come on, let’s get going!” I pleaded.

“Do you have the S.A.M. trail pass stickers on the sleds?”

Darn! “Not yet, but I’ll put them on before we go. OK?”

“Don’t forget the S.A.M. trail pass paperwork while you’re at it.”

“OK. OK.” I shouted. “I found them. Now let’s get going before the snow all melts.”

Planning A Snowmobile Trip

“What about the club stickers for the sled? Do you know where they are?”

“I put them on the sleds last week. Stop stalling. Let’s get going. I think it’s starting to get dark now.”

“Do you have the club membership cards?”

“No the S.A.M. card serves as the club membership card. I always carry it in my wallet right next to your picture dear,” I shouted. “Everything is ready, but you! Please, let’s go!”

“Have you loaded up the sleds on the trailer yet?”

The trailer! Where did I put the trailer registration decal? Oh darn, I didn’t put the new one on yet. Now where did I put the trailer registration? I can’t find it in the truck. “Honey, did you happen to see the state trailer registration stuff?” I asked hopefully.

“It’s with your sled. I knew you’d probably lose it so I put it away for you.”

“Way to go honey, I’ll give you a big hug when you get downstairs. Now can we please leave?”

“Are we heading up north?”

“Yes, we’ll unload in Massachusetts and probably ride up into Vermont if it doesn’t get too dark by the time we get there.”

“Did you remember to put the Vermont Trail Maintenance Assessment (TMA) stickers on the sleds? Do you have the Vermont TMA paperwork with you? How about the local Vermont club stickers? Do you have our Proof of Insurance Cards? Do you have our Safety Certificates?”

Some time later, my spouse was reported to have said “I’m all ready to go now. Where are you?” [Picture silence; broken only by the sound of a truck with a snowmobile trailer disappearing down the road into the late afternoon sun.] “Dear,” she called, “I just remembered, I forgot to pack a lunch for us. We’ll have to stop at the store and get some food before we start out. Then I can make lunch for us and we can finally get going. I can’t wait to go riding with you today. I’ll be down in a minute. Hey! Why is my sled sitting out in the middle of the driveway? Dear? Dear? Oh Dear?”

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