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Published on Sunday, February 5, 2017 in Guest Columns, In The News, News & Updates
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Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts member profile: Michael Sarafin is the new treasurer of the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts and a member of the Worthington Snowmobile Club. Mike has been riding snowmobiles for 22 years. His current snowmobile is a 2011 Arctic Cat Sno Pro 500.

Club position: I was recently elected as the Treasurer of SAM. I’ve been vice president of the WSC for 8 years. I also handle writing the club newsletter and club news in the SAM magazine, keeping our membership list up to date as well as distributing passes.

VOLUNTEER WORK: I have been volunteering with the WSC and SAM with my family for as long as I can remember, I also volunteer with the Massachusetts Truck Pullers Association and sit on the advisory board for the Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School Manufacturing Technologies program.

MY FAVORITE RIDING AREA: Right in my backyard in Worthington. I enjoy seeing people I know riding on the trail system that I took part in making. It makes me proud.


When I was in 4th grade my parents brought me to Mount Snow to see the X-Games snowcross races. I was so excited to see Blair Morgan, who rode a Cat at that time. I can remember seeing Blair and the 7C come out on the track for the first time practicing and not believing my eyes.

We stood on the side of the mountain all day long watching every lap and in the final some no-name kid named Tucker Hibbert took the gold medal and Blair got silver. I was a little disappointed by the 2nd place finish but the kid who won rode an Arctic Cat so I was ok with that.

After the race I got the back of my Arctic Cat coat signed by both Hibbert and Morgan which I proudly wore to school every day, and still own to this day. It may not fit anymore but the faded autographs are an awesome reminder of the time we went to Winter X and also that I saw the start of some of the best, if not the best, riders of all times pro careers.

Michael Sarafin Snowmobile


I have a career as an aerospace machinist and make parts for a wide verity of aircraft, everything from passenger planes and Learjets to the latest military fighters. If you’ve been on a plane or had one fly over your head, chances are there is something I made on that aircraft.

On the opposite side of the coin I don’t have a normal pet like most, no cat or dog for me, my pet is my 1,500 pound Hereford cow, May.

SOUND OFF: I would like to take the chance to say to all of those out there who don’t take part in participating in a club, that you really should give your local club a chance and a fraction of your time. None of this is possible without those volunteers and it’s actually a lot of fun, believe it or not.

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