SAM Groomer Contract

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Clarification of Trails: Grooming Contract details, definitions and qualifiers. What trails qualify?

Important Notes:

Rates are based on value of service only. Actual payments will be prorated based on amount of funds in the Trail Fund Account. Payments will be made at season’s end. Only corridor trails and Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts approved trails are eligible for funding.

Contract dates: For a maximum of 10 weeks for the season. This does not have to be consecutive weeks; however logs must be sent the week following grooming. IMPORTANT: Logs MUST be sent the week following grooming; see grooming log. NEW! Do not send BLANK logs.

Meeting attendance: It his highly recommended that clubs who groom plan to attend the 2 meetings a year of the grooming committee.

Timeliness: Grooming logs not received within the guidelines of the contract may not be paid.

The SAM grooming program covers 10 weeks of grooming; however clubs are encouraged to send in grooming logs for ALL weeks groomed for the season. Please follow directions below closely. It is important to be as descriptive as possible, remember; we don’t know your equipment and trails as well as you do. The forms are online under the Delegate tab. If you need a hard copy, please contact the SAM office for a form.

Should you have any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to contact the SAM office

Protocol The SAM Grooming Committee has been appointed to oversee the execution of the grooming program. If you have any questions, problems or issues it is the responsibility of your club Delegate to address these issues with the grooming committee. The governing body (the Delegates) of the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts will vote on recommendations by the grooming committee.

Very Important Points to Remember

  • Return contract by November 1.
  • Contracts must be “complete” when submitted.
  • Map: You do not need to submit a map provided your trails are as noted on the SAM Map (for the current season). Should you have any changes or additions to your trails you must submit a detailed map with this grooming contract application.
  • Grooming equipment trail pass: It is the responsibility of the club to forward to SAM documentation for reimbursement on club power units (power unit form). Note: This is for club sleds and grooming ONLY sleds; not personal sleds that are used for recreational riding. Complete the power unit form and forward with the WHITE copy; reimbursement of the trail pass fee will be mailed to you on receipt. DO NOT SUBMIT WITH CONTRACT.
  • Logs may be faxed, mailed or e-mailed to the Association office – either way; they MUST be received by the Friday of the following week. Note the miles groomed and describe each trail identical to the grooming contract by name or route number (see grooming contract details).
  • Blank grooming logs: You do not have to send in grooming logs that are blank. It is the clubs responsibility to check with the SAM office to ensure that their information has been received by the office.
  • Hours: Please be sure to note hours groomed. This information is helpful for state reporting.
  • Make a copy of the contract for your records.

SAM Groomer Contract

Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts Grooming Contract

  • YearMakeModelDrag TypeDrag WidthDrag Class 

    Complete all that is applicable for the power unit.

    Create additional rows for each Power Unit

    Groomer Classes – represent drag width

    Class A = 8 foot & wider. $9.40 per mile

    Class B = 7 foot, to 7 foot 11 inches. $7.25 per mile

    Class C = 6 foot, to 6 foot 11 inches. $5.45 per mile

    Class D = 40 inches, to 5 foot 11 inches. $3.05 per mile

  • Trail Name*ClassPrivate Land: Yes or NoPublic Land: State, Town, City, OtherQualifier number 

    *Route number with starting and stopping intersection map points.

    Create additional rows for each trail

    See link below for trail QUALIFICATION NUMBER. Choose numbers 1-8

    View Trail Qualifications

    Club Responsibilities:

    1. Log all grooming on proper weekly forms – NOTE: Log must match descriptions below.

    2. Once grooming begins, you must forward log forms each week that you groom.

    3. Trails below MUST be on the SAM state map to qualify for funding (SAM minutes 10/2009).

    Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts’ Responsibilities:

    1. Furnish grooming log forms & instructions.

    2. Inspect trail conditions.

    3. Audit log sheets and approve payment on verified miles groomed.

    4. Make payments to the clubs at the end of the season following approval by the Delegates.

    I accept the terms of the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts Grooming Contract.