Snowmobile Facts vs. Fiction: Fight Misinformation
Published on Saturday, December 27, 2014 in Education, News & Updates
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There are many false claims made about snowmobiling and it’s important that you understand snowmobile facts vs. fiction, and fight misinformation. There is a myth that snowmobilers have plenty of trails to ride but those making such claims do not ride a snowmobile and aren’t knowledgable enough to make such an uneducated statement.

FACT: Snowmobilers use trails differently from other users and therefore require more trail mileage.

Share the Trails
Members of the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts volunteered over 11,000 hours in trail maintenance in 2014 and respect the fact that there is a diversity of users with different needs.

User Average Daily Trip
Hiker – Family 1 mile or less
Hiker – Casual 2-3 miles
Hiker – Serious (AMC) 8-12 miles
Mountain Biker 10-15 miles
Dirt Biker 50-60 miles
ATV Rider 40 miles
Horseback Riders 5-15 miles
Snowshoer 5-10 miles
Cross County Skiers 6-12 miles
Snowmobiler – Family 30-60 miles
Snowmobiler – Serious 60-150 miles

Compiled by Randy Toth

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