Top 10 Snowmobile Stories of 2014
Published on Tuesday, December 30, 2014 in In The News, News & Updates
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These are the Top 10 Snowmobile Stories of 2014 at Your clicks pile up, your Facebook “Likes” and Twitter “retweets” share the words. We are unique at, as the majority of our snowmobile stories are created by fellow SAM members, just like you. No other state association can make that claim. Our writers and readers made 2014 successful and will continue to do the same in 2015!

Duraflex Ice Scratchers

There was a lot of ice and overheating sleds the past two seasons and everyone was trying to figure out what to do. Jim Tucker had an idea that he shared with his readers.

Gearheads Build Snowmobile Racer

SAM Vice President Jeff Miller took us down memory lane and shared kitchen table conversations about his family’s passion for snowmobile racing in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Poll: If Your Sled Broke Could You Fix It?

The sledmass polls are popular and the results are sometimes surprising, such as in this one. Only 30% of you said that you could fix your sled if it failed on the trail. The rest of you are walking.

Starting Your Snowmobile

Starting a snowmobile, what could be simpler? Well, I don’t think Randy Toth would have written such a detailed, step-by-step story if he didn’t believe there were a lot of new riders who wanted to be walked through the process. Apparently there were.

Lighting A Campfire In The Snow Is A Critical Skill For Snowmobilers

Brad Stafford writes, “Many of us envision a trouble-free ride on perfectly groomed trails, with no mechanical breakdowns, but we all know that this isn’t always the case.” Sounds like words of experience, doesn’t it?

TekVest by Klim Review

A Tekvest is a helmet for your torso. Everyone should wear one, says Jim Tucker. Wonder why? Read on…

SAM I AM: Chris Marcinczyk

Our new member profile series is a hit. Chris is a mega-enthusiast and a moderator on the sledmass forums. You’ll find him under the username cmarzy directing traffic when the forums get slammed once the snow starts piling up.

Snowmobiles and Land Partnerships in Massachusetts

Larry Tucker sums up SAM’s efforts to solidify the trail system and ever-growing partnerships with land managers and landtrusts, while reminding us once again that snowmobilers are environmentalists.

Snowmobile Tool Kits

A major rant by Dan Gould, venting his frustration regarding the useless tool kits that come with every snowmobile. Recalling blown pistons and trail-side repairs, he ever-so politely suggests replacing the Playskool tools with real ones.

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