Snowmobile Volunteers Do The Work
Published on Sunday, March 9, 2014 in In The News, News & Updates
Tags: , , , reporter Kathleen McKiernan’s detailed story about grooming snowmobile trails centers around the volunteer efforts of the Conway Snowmobile Club and 2013 Trail Worker of the Year recipient Paul Sokoloski and his son Adam.

“Typically, the two South Deerfield men would also be running their machines on the trails. Instead, they had volunteered to groom trails for the Conway Snowmobile Club, of which they have been members for at least 20 years.”

McKiernan also reports on the the efforts of the clubs before the snow falls.

“Grooming is one part of the preparation for snowmobiling. From October to the first heavy snowfall, the Conway club members clear the trails for the winter season using brush cutters, chain saws and their bare hands to move aside branches and brush for safe sledding.”

The article explains the many dimensions of snowmobiling, from the quality of snow to buying a snowmobile.

“Snowmobilers can be picky when it comes to snow. They prefer a foot of weighted snow that is easy to pack to the ground. Light snow doesn’t do. It is too fluffy to stay in place firmly on the trails.”

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The club was featured is an earlier story this winter that also focused on the volunteer efforts.

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