Snowmobiling in Massachusetts: A Beginners Guide
Published on Saturday, December 10, 2011 in General Announcements, News & Updates, Safety
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Are you new to snowmobiling in Massachusetts or considering taking part in the best winter fun on the planet? Here is a beginners guide that outlines what you need in order to snowmobile in Massachusetts. This is just a summary and we advise that you contact law enforcement with any questions and encourage you and your family to participate in a safety course.

Research and Purchase a Snowmobile: New or used, there are lots of choices. Become familiar with snowmobiling, do some research on the web, pick an appropriate size sled and engine for the user. Understand how to dress for cold weather. Visit a snowmobile dealer and talk to the staff. Here are the dealers who support the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts and the Expo.

Register Your Snowmobile: Massachusetts requires you to pay sales tax and register your snowmobile. Information is available at the Department of Fish and Game.

Join a Club: SAM clubs are the people who create and maintain the snowmobile trail system. Without the volunteers there would be nowhere to ride. Snowmobilers that ride SAM club trails on private property, other than their own, must display a SAM membership decal, aka: trail pass (details). Memberships and trail pass decals are available through local SAM clubs. Membership and trail pass locations.

Take a Safety Course: A safety courses is not mandatory in Massachusetts, however they are highly recommended. Many clubs offer safety courses in the fall and early winter. A Free online safety course is also available. In addition, the “Safe Riders” program offers tips and advice.

Where Can I Ride? SAM clubs have created an incredible network with over 2,000 miles of trails. They have maps for the state trail system as well as local trails. They can also direct you to parking areas for your truck and trailer. Stay on the trail and follow all the rules and regulations. Respect the landowners and the trails!

Additional information is available in SAM’s FAQ page and Go

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